Thursday, 2 January 2014

Uglyworld #2170 - Roles Modeller - (Project On The Go - Image 2-365)

Project "On The Go" - Image 2/365

Todays the weathers wasn't playerings in our favours, so withs two screamerings kiddies to looks after I hads to comes up with somethings super fasts to gets their attentioners.

Tangerino-tasticness, I hads a brainwaver, I could shows the little guys how to balancers a tangerine on tops of my head and then have them trys to does it too, which givens the factor that it takereds me years to perfects my balancerings skillsetters, it should hopefully keeps them busy for hours!

I suppose I hads better intromaducers the littlers guys to you, the little blue guy ons the lefts is Wedginald, and the little pink chick on the rights is Wedgolina, oh my gods is they a completes handfull for me when I has to babysits!

There hasn't been any biggers trips out and abouts today, so my steps totaller hasn't changereds by too muchers, but I supposers that there is bounds to be days likes this when I can't goes out hikerings all overs the countrysider!

Todays steps = 1,040

The 2014 grand total = 11,271

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