Friday, 28 February 2014

Uglyworld #2228 - Triplers P - (Project On The Go - Image 60-365)

Project "On The Go" - Image 60/365

This mornings I gettered ups mega earliers to finishes packering my suitscaser, as I was afraids that I would sleepies too long and misses my flighter. Somehows Baz takers the stresses of travellerings much easiers than me, I thinks that this musts just be downs to him being so usereds to doings it for so longs now.

He is still lying in bed snorings away and we is due to heads to the hairyport in just overs an hour, I hopes his alarmer will goes off, as he can be mega grumpiers when one of us littlers guys has to wakers him up withouts him knowerings this will happeners in advancer!

As I didn't wants to make too much noisers arounds the hotels room, I went downstairs to grabs myself some brekkiesfast, and hads a brainwaver, I should does something nicers for Baz to shows him how much I is enjoyering being his travellerings companioner!

Nots only dids I has one brainwaver, I actuallies had twos of them, withs the seconder being what I could does to be nicers to Baz. I calls it my triplers P plan - pre plane pancakers, hopefullies he will be happiers at getterings the pancakers and also has a good laugher at the names I makereds up for it too!

Speaks to you alls from the cookie cave once I returns!

Todays steps = 623 (as it's only earliers in the day)

The 2014 grand total = 286,170

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