Saturday, 22 March 2014

Uglyworld #2249 - Goldens Gates Bridger - (Project On The Go - Image 81-365)

Project "On The Go" - Image 81/365

This mornings I didn't even waits for Baz to wakers up and tellers me that he hads to workies again, insteads I just grabbereds the car keys and headereds on up to San Franciscos to checkers our the Goldens Gates Bridger, as boths Babo and Wage has visitereds it in the pasts!

Woohoo, checkers it out, I is way ups high on the hillsiders of Sausomalitos, and I can even sees Alcamatraz froms here too!

Todays steps = 4,165

The 2014 grand total = 373,722

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