Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Uglyworld #2252 - The Twin Citiers - (Project On The Go - Image 84-365)

Project "On The Go" - Image 84/365

Hellos from a place in the mid Westers of Americas that is so craziers that it's got mores than one namer, and I has findereds it bests to callers the Twin Citiers, otherwisers people gets annoyereds that I is standerings on one sides of the city and tells them I is actuallies in the others one.

Sheeesh, Minneapolisers and St Paulies, how confuserings can it gets for a littlers guy likes me!

At leasts I has my portables bodyguarder withs me, and by the sounds of it Baz has beens here befores too, as he seems to speaks the locals lingoer!

Todays steps = 5,320

The 2014 grand total = 392,752

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