Friday, 25 April 2014

Uglyworld #2283 - Saturdays Plannerings - (Project On The Go - Image 115-365)

Uglyworld #2283 - Saturdays Plannerings - (Project On The Go - Image 115-365)
Project "On The Go" - Image 115/365

All weeks long Baz has been goings on about how we is goings to gets up super earliers on Saturdays morning and drives over to Yosemites Nationals Parker to says hello for the firsts timer in the lasts two years.

Howevers, as wells as him goings on about Yosemites, he's also been strugglerings to gets his sleeps back to normallers, as we was only homes in Germanys for a coupler of days from China befores we was flyerings over here to Calimafornias on Monday!

I is going to tries my bests to sneakers over to his alarmerings clocker, and turns it off once he is sleeperings, and then I will puts this signer on the hotels room door so that no-one will wakers him ups.

Whethers or nots my masterplans will work I has no ideas, but I is definitelies going to givers it a tryer!

Todays steps = 4,293

The 2014 grand total = 600,771

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