Friday, 30 May 2014

Uglyworld #2318 - Meets Mrs Ted - (Project On The Go - Image 150-365)

Uglyworld #2318 - Meets Mrs Ted - (Project On The Go - Image 150-365)
Project "On The Go" - Image 150/365

I needs to intromaduce you to a biggers celebrity, Mrs Ted, who arrivereds at Baz's mums house in Scotlands this week. Mrs Ted is goings to travellers to Americas this comings weeker with me as her officials tours guider in Calimafornia, Oregons, New Yorks and wherevers else Baz takers us to.

You can checkers out Mrs Ted's websiter which details alls of the cooler places that Mrs Ted has been in searchers of her husbander Mr Ted who went misserings while he was out explorings the world a coupler of years ago.

Mrs Ted's website -

I can't waits to shows her some cooler places to adds to her awesomers adventures!

Todays steps = 5,256

The 2014 grand total = 820,227

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