Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Uglyworld #2401 - Pre-Weddings Sacrificer - (Project On The Go - Image 231-365)

Uglyworld #2401 - Pre-Weddings Sacrificer - (Project On The Go - Image 231-365)
Project "On The Go" - Image 231/365

Todays has been another mentallers day heres in the cookie cave withs all of the prepamarations ongoings for Mireille and Baz's weddings this comings Friday.

This evenings however I stumblereds on somethings so weirders that I just can't explainers it! I knows that there has been loads of discussioners here abouts having some Scottishers styles of foods involvereds too, so you can undermastanders when I thinkereds that this coulds have been somethings to does with practicerings how to kills a haggiser, but Baz tellereds me it's nothings to does with a haggiser.

My currents trainers of thoughts is that it's some kinds of pre-weddings sacrificer, and goings by how many times it hads to be stabbereds it musts have puts up quites a fighter!

Todays steps = 3,463

The 2014 grand total = 1,311,781

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