Saturday, 17 January 2015

Uglyworld #2552 - Hikerings - (Project On My Tods - Image 17-365)

Uglyworld #2552 - Hikerings - (Project On My Tods - Image 17-365)

Project "On My Tods" - Image 17/365

Whiles Baz was workerings on Fridays evening, I hangereds out in the receptions area of the hotels so that he didn't realisers that I had sneakereds into his suitscaser.

I meetereds loads of peoples in the receptions, and I even findereds a grouper of peoples who was headering to Yosemites for the wholes week longs, and they askereds me if I would likes to joins them.

It takereds me abouts a billionth of a seconder to answers yes, so this mornings I was ups brights and earlies to joins them for the driver overs to Yosemites.

I decidereds to starts my weeker heres in Yosemites with some hikerings, and I even findereds myselfer a walkerings stick, as they seems to be alls the rager goings by whats I sees all the touristers with todays.

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