Saturday, 24 January 2015

Uglyworld #2559 - Oh Craps - (Project On My Tods - Image 24-365)

Uglyworld #2559 - Oh Craps - (Project On My Tods - Image 24-365)
Project "On My Tods" - Image 24/365

Oh mans, I musts have fallereds asleeps on the ways to Sunnyvales from Yosemites, as I wakereds up with the driver tellerings me that we were ats the ends of the liner.

I was half asleeps when I steppereds out of the car and wavereds to them, it wasn't untils they were headings over the horizons that I turneds round and realisereds that I was standings right on the edger of the Pacifics Oceaner!

Oh craps, I has gone miles too fars, now I needs to try and finds anothers way to gets back to Sunnyvales and hopefullies Baz is stills there!

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