Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Uglyworld #2562 - Relaxerings - (Project On My Tods - Image 27-365)

Uglyworld #2562 - Relaxerings - (Project On My Tods - Image 27-365)
Project "On My Tods" - Image 27/365

The gooders thingymabobber abouts Baz beings a completes workamaholic is thats he spenders so much timers in the offices and visiterings customers, which leaves me plenties of time to practicers the ancients martialer arts of relaxerings.

One days I will achieves my blacks belter and becomes a supremes relaxerer, capables of fallerings asleep at the clicks of a fingerer or twos, but for nows it's practicers, practicers, practicers!

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