Sunday, 1 February 2015

Uglyworld #2567 - Servicings - (Project On My Tods - Image 32-365)

Uglyworld #2567 - Servicings - (Project On My Tods - Image 32-365)
Project "On My Tods" - Image 32/365

I was lookings forward to a nice relaxerings Sunday lyings on the coucher watcherings telemavision, whens I gettereds a phones caller from those friendlies little Jawa's that visitereds me earliers in the weeker.

They hads been experiencerings issues withs their sandscrawler, and they has askereds me if I can has a quicks looky at it to sees if I can fixers it.

I thinks they spottereds Baz's massivers toolboxer when they was heres and thinkereds it belongereds to me!

Oh wells, here goes nothings...

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