Monday, 2 March 2015

Uglyworld #2596 - Raidings - (Project On My Tods - Image 61-365)

Uglyworld #2596 - Raidings - (Project On My Tods - Image 61-365)

Project "On My Tods" - Image 61/365

This pasts weekender I diddereds my bests to has a fulls on proper lazyers time, lyings on the coucher, gettings my buddies to tops up my drinkers and bringers me cookies whenevers my suppliers would runs low.

Seriouslies, I couldn't moves, nots because someone had super gluereds me to the coucher, buts because I was completelies transfixereds with the telemavision, watcherings the firsts two series of the telemavisions show Vikings.

Baz watchereds them alreadies some times ago, and was always pestererings me and Mireille to watchers it too, so this pasts weekender we finally givereds in!

My name is now Babo loughbrooks, don't messers or I may has to beaters you ups!

Enoughs chitters chatters, times to goes raidings, raaaarrrr!!!

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