Friday, 1 January 2016

Uglyworld #2626 - Whoa There Rudolfs! (Project ASOB - Image 1 of 366)

Project ASOB - Image 1 of 366

"Whoa there Rudolfs!"

Heys there everyones, I hopes I didn't worries you alls too muchers by dissamappearings lasts year withouts any warnings whatsoevers, I does has a gooders explanationer fors it, I promisers you!

Howevers, befores we gets into all that stuffers, I has a presenter rights here for you, as I heareds from a gooders buddy that you has been really goods all lasts year, go ons, unwrappers it rights away!

So, whiles you is unwrapperings your presenter, whats I has to tells you firsts off is that my gooders buddy is none others than the mans himselfer, Santas McClauser!  He callereds me up on my mobilers phoner at the ends of Marcher in a completes mentallers state, snifflings one minutes and losings his marblers the nexts minuter.

It takereds me ages to gets him to actually tells me whats the problemer was, he was so upsettereds because alls of his elfs had walkereds out on hims as they heareds that a biggers onliner store was takings over and going to makes him outs of a jobber!  I knewereds that there was no times to waster and immediatelies packereds a suitcaser and went offs to helps Santas out in his times of needers!

I trusts that you all gots to sees firsts handies that it all workers outs, as me and Santa makereds it to alls of your houses justs in timers to leaves all your presenters unders the xmas trees before you wakereds up on Christmasers morning.

It's greats to be backs home heres in the cookie cave, and I is lookings forward to some relaxerings time now with alls of my buddies.

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