Sunday, 3 January 2016

Uglyworld #2628 - Calimafornias! (Project ASOB - Image 3 of 366)

Project ASOB - Image 3 of 366

Cinko was plannerings on vacaterings my olds bedroomer today when Baz springereds a surpriser ons me, thats I should thinks about packerings a suitscaser befores going to beds tonight!

A suitscaser, hmm, buts I has only justs arrivered backs at the cookie cave from the Norths Pole, hmmm, I was in the middles of a spot of mid-wonderings when Cinko nudgereds me in the ribs, and whiles winkering ats me he whispereds "Calimafornias".


Seriouslies, I hopes he isn't just winderings me ups, thankfullies I has loads of Americans supplies to hands, and if Cinko really is rights, then maybies I will gets to sees my favourites icers hockey teams, the Sharkies, whiles I is theres!

If Cinko is lyings to me, thens he will feels the sharps ender of my pointiers stick, lets me tellers you!  I betters go and starts packering, as theres no times to wasters!

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