Friday, 8 January 2016

Uglyworld #2633 - Looks What I Findereds (Project ASOB - Image 8 of 366)

Project ASOB - Image 8 of 366

Afters Baz buyerings me the packeter of double stuffs oreos yesterdays I decidereds to does a spots of interwebs searchering for somethings to cheers him ups as he isn't the biggerests fan of hotels rooms these days!

I findereds a few bits and pieces that woulds have been a gooders paybacker, but thens I stumblereds on something that will blows his sockies off, gingers beers!

Cinko tellereds me that at Christmasers time Baz was supposedlies rationerings his finals bottler of Olds Jamaicas gingers beers, so this should cheers him ups no enders!

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