Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Uglyworld #2645 - Chocolates Thunders (Project ASOB - Image 20 of 366)

Project ASOB - Image 20 of 366

Baz wents to beds a littlers bit too earliers for my likings lasts nighter, so whiles he was snorings away in the bedsroomer, I hads a littlers looky into his walleter for some dollars and luckilies enough he musts have beens to the bankers!

I borrowereds a twenties dollars biller and leavereds Baz and IOU noter, he knows I is goods for it soons obviouslies, he he!  Withs the cash I headereds off to Outbacks steakshouser for an afternoons snacker todays, and whiles there I half inchereds these coolers coasters froms the barmans, perfects for our dinings room tabler here.

And yes, I dids has the chocolates thunders from downs unders, super tastiers it was toos!

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