Monday, 15 February 2016

Uglyworld #2671 - Fakes Custards Creamies (Project ASOB - Image 46 of 366)

Project ASOB - Image 46 of 366

I has beens a littlers bit unders the weathers today, at leasts thats what I tellers Baz.  Justs as I hopers, he starts to gets worrieds abouts me and bringers me in a tubber of emmm, hows can I puts this, emmm, fakes custards creamies!

Obviouslies I can tells the differences straighters away, as I is a cookie officianado, they doesn't has the sames patterner ons the biscuiters sections and the creamies has a completelies differenter tastes.

But heys hos, they is stills cookies, so I has to samplers them!

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