Thursday, 10 March 2016

Uglyworld #2695 - Snifferings (Project ASOB - Image 70 of 366)

Project ASOB - Image 70/366

Ones personer that I missereds so muchers whiles in Oregons fors the lasts coupler of months was Dougs, as he wasn't allowereds to comes withs me as he didn'ts have alls of his jabbers ups to dates, and we all knows hows the TSA's peoplers can be's when it comes to the littlers details.

Thankfullies, whiles I was gones Wage and Cinko takereds him to gets alls of his outstanderings jabbers, so I is celemabraterings by lettings him does a spot of "snifferings", as he is tryings to finds the packeter of jumbos sizereds choco chippo cookies I has hidereds in the kitchener ofs the cookie cave!

Go ons boy, go ons!

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